Thursday, November 18, 2021

You Can Can Live Your Dreams.

My latest gig was at a Moulin Rouge themed party. We had rehearsal the day of since we performed a can can number. I'm glad we did since we did those over the leg cartwheels with a partner. That is probably my favorite move, but I'm a lefty so I had to learn right. All went well! The decor was so cute from the windmill to an ice Eiffel Tower and life size martini glass with a performer inside! Jump splits and high kicks always seem to find their way back into my life. Thank you Pzazz Productions. 

After our performance, we helped get the party going. I learned some fancy ballroom moves with a guest. I've been wanting to take ballroom forever. I signed up for ballroom club in college, but was too nervous to dance with strangers (I had never partnered before I booked my first professional job) and only went to one meet up. Hopefully Max will take lessons with me soon. I choreographed a little Waltz for our first dance so I'm assuming he will go along with it ; )


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