Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Just Keep Kicking

Everyone knows that my greatest goal in life has always been to become a Rockette. I've made it through the audition 7 times, attended 8 summer intensives, and spent a crazy amount of time and money working toward the dream. After making it all the way through twice last year, I was a little shocked to not hear my name after the second round yesterday. I went to class right after this setback and was asked if I was a Rockette haha I told the girl she made my day. I can't keep doing this to myself. I know I can dance. I know I could do that job. I also know that I want to set new goals. Why do I keep torturing myself over this one thing? Of course I will audition in the future if I'm free, but the new plan is to focus on other things that make me happy. I have so many talented and worthy friends in the same boat. We can't let this one thing define us. We can't let this determine our happiness. For now, I'm over it. Can't wait to pursue new adventures.  

Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Very Metty Christmas/Life Update

Oops, I've been MIA for a looooong time. SO much has happened. I did another contract at Busch Gardens in Virginia. The dancing was great and we wore vampire teeth so I was living my Halloween dreams. I actually can't believe I survived all 110 shows/jump splits without a swing. We all felt pretty accomplished after that one. 

During my last week there, I received an offer to be the dance swing at The Metropolitan Opera in NYC for The Merry Widow. I seriously cried. I performed in the show at Lyric Opera of Chicago and it truly changed my dance life. I had just moved out of the city, but per usual the universe found a way to bring me back. I found housing and got ready to go right away. Rehearsals were fun and it was great to be back working with some friends and the amazing Susan Stroman. As a swing, I covered the tracks of 3 dancers. It was a fun experience to learn multiple parts and challenge my brain in that way. 

I was told many times that I would likely not get to perform as there were only 9 scheduled performances and people rarely call out. But lucky me, I was able to perform in our 5th show! It all happened so fast and I didn't get to really look out and take it all in. I had not even practiced in the shoes or costumes let alone been on the stage, but it was fun! I am beyond grateful to say that I have performed at The Met Opera. 

Up next, I am performing in the ensemble of Copacabana in Florida in March and tickets are already sold out.