Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Yours truly in the December issue of Dance Spirit Magazine.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Life Lately

Hello Blog World! We meet again. Recently, I've found myself lying awake at night formulating posts in my head, dying to share my adventures. However, I’ve been too busy enjoying them and spending what little time I have left with my friends to do so. This year has been a whirlwind of mostly highs and a few lows. I quit my 9 to 5 desk job, performed with Eros Movement Company, traveled to Europe to visit my former boyfriend, made it to the end of the Rockette audition twice, joined the Steps on Broadway work/study program, did some more modeling, moved away from my once beloved NYC, and booked another dance job. 

Obligatory bevels on the Monster Stomp stage

My most recent job is at Busch Gardens Williamsburg where I danced in Monster Stomp, choreographed by Jeff Whiting. The show was completely revamped and it was really interesting to be a part of that process. Things were constantly changing, the show was on a raked stage, and I learned more partnering skills. I feel that I have certainly become a stronger dancer. 

Lydia has no head.
It was during this contract that I became close with a group of girls whom I consider sisters. I actually knew one of them from assisting the Rockette Summer Intensive together in 2011 and another from working on the same cruise ship. Small world! These are the ladies who will be at my future wedding and I will make a major effort to keep in contact with despite living all over the country. We are “The Girls,” afterall. We were all asked to stay through the end of the year to perform in Deck The Halls, choreographed by Karma Camp. I am having a blast with this one since I get to be a tap dancing reindeer and listen to Christmas music all day long. 

We were the drummers from Monster Stomp for Halloween
Once again though, I find myself struggling with the fact that many relationships are fleeting in the entertainment industry. I have met so many incredible people who have allowed me to further realize exactly what I do and do not want in life and in relationships. 

Reppin our cruise jobs: Stiletto/HAL
I am the happiest I have ever been. I think the stress of NYC really got to me and being in Virginia was the chill pill I needed. I truly enjoy my job and performing for the most supportive audiences, so much so that I would love to return. I would recommend this job to any young dancer hoping to perform A LOT (up to 6 shows per day). There is also a great deal of down time with which I was able to get another fun job working at a Christmas store in Colonial Williamsburg. My life revolves around Christmas, I am aware…

Up next? Audition season. I will also head to the sunshine state to spend time with my mom, get some vitamin D, and begin training for the Rockette audition. 
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 2: Rox Callbacks

Callbacks for the 2014 Radio City Christmas Spectacular were held this morning!

We learned a very detailed jazz combo yesterday and began with another tricky one today. This job is no joke. It's not enough to be a great dancer. You must also to be a smart dancer and this piece tested us mentally as well as physically. 

From the Rockettes' Facebook Page
A cut was made after jazz. We went on to do the tap dance from yesterday as well as a new combo. A few Rockettes showed up today to audition to keep their jobs so we reviewed the previous day's jazz dance before performing in groups. 

From the Rockettes' Facebook Page 

Finally, we did what the Rockettes are famous for... kicks!

From the Rockettes' Instagram
At the end of the audition, the choreographer thanked us for coming and sent us into another room to have our pictures and measurements taken. I've made it to the end several times before, but I always have tears in my eyes. 

We filled out paperwork and even had to put how we would like our names to appear in the program. However, this does not mean we have the job (yet!) Calls with contract offers are supposed to go out in July. 

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 1: Rox Audition

I woke up at 5am and followed my usual Rox audition routine of coffee, pb&j bagel and warming up. I nailed my french twist on the first attempt which never happens and I also slept through the night. Usually my nerves keep me up thinking, but I just felt so relaxed and happy to be able to chase after my dream again. 

I was in the second group as per usual. For the first cut, we faced away from the mirror (omg scary!) It was a good idea though, because if we book the job we obviously won’t be able to check ourselves in the mirror once rehearsals end. I kicked and turned for my life and it soon came time to announce the numbers that would stay. I was #100 and when they called #101 my heart stopped. I thought it was all over. Then they called #100 after what seemed like an eternity. The numbers were just out of order! I started to tear up since this has been my dream for so long and all I want is a chance to really dance and prove myself. 

My guardian angels were definitely watching over me for this one…and the next 3 cuts! After kicks/turns, jazz, more jazz, and tap, I was invited back to Day 2 of the audition. 

If you don’t already know, I left a great 9 to 5 job in a wonderful office with amazing people and benefits in order to really focus on the pursuit of my dream again. I was just not ready to give up. In fact, I never want to give up. I intend to achieve this goal. I am thrilled to be going tomorrow. I plan to keep an open mind since they could throw tons of new routines at us in addition to the ones I am currently reviewing. In the words of one of my best dancer friends, "I'm just happy to be here."  

From the Rockettes' Instagram. I am in the red leo in the back/right. 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Internal Dialogue of a Rockette Hopeful

Here are some thoughts that typically enter my mind on the morning of the annual Radio City Rockette audition. Do you have similar internal conversations with yourself? Ha!
  1. COFFEE. I'm so excited!!
  2. Where is my heating pad? Time to do some light stretches. Do I have everything? Headshot/resume? Shoes? Lipstick? Water? 
  3. I have to stick to my usual Rockette audition tradition of a pb&j bagel on the way to Radio City. 
  4. What time should I get in line? Should I be in the first group with all of the equity peeps? I feel on top of my game and ready to audition. Do I go in the second group like I usually do because of my strange theories? Won’t they be watching former Rockettes more than me if I go in the first group since I’m sure priority lies with them as it should? I’m thinking second group. I’ve always shined in the second. Second it is!
  5. There are some beautiful french twists in this line. You really couldn’t perfect one in the last 6 years? 
  6. Why did I just spend $235 on La Duca’s that I can’t even wear today? They are impossible to break in. What kind of rubber are they using now?? I guess I’m wearing my old ones. I hope it’s not too slippery!
  7. Does my body look good enough? I’ve worked my butt off (literally). Yes, I look great and I’m rocking this red leo, red lip and french twist. 
  8. Okay… I need to find a spot in this insanely packed holding room to warm up and stretch it out. I have to be close to the door though. 
  9. I don’t mean to be rude friends, but please let me get in the zone. I can’t wait to talk later!
  10. Race to the front and stand near the choreographer. Focus. 
  11. SQUEEZE YOUR CROTCH!!!!!!!!! Engage your core. Don’t forget to breathe! 
  12. Don’t watch any of the other girls. Don't compare while you're waiting to dance. You know what you’re doing. Keep your eyes on the ground.  
  13. SMILE and enjoy yourself. This is what you love to do more than anything in the world. You’ve wanted to be a Rockette since you first saw them at age 12. You’ve done 6 summer intensives and auditioned for this job so many times that you don’t even remember the exact number. Or you’re just embarrassed to admit it’s nearing the double digits… Show them that you want it and are extremely capable. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014


One day we got up early and caught the train to Amsterdam. We took a boat on the canal to the Rijksmuseum, passing pretty bridges, homes and boats along the way. The museum contains a famous Rembrandt painting call “Night Watch,” which can also be found in statue form at a nearby square. 

Spring in Holland is perfection.

A highlight was taking pictures on the I Amsterdam sign with the museum in the background. 

We found a little shop and had the best fries ever (covered in mayo). We also went to this sandwich place where I tried these fried ball things stuffed with what tastes like mashed potatoes. 

No coffee here!
There were “coffee shops” everywhere advertising magic mushrooms and other things that are very illegal in the US.

Everyone in this city rides a bike. We even saw a biker get hit by a car! I would be terrified to drive or bike here. 

I bought the slippers!

Next up was a carnival in front of the palace. We rode the ferris wheel which had amazing views of the entire city. We also tried chocolate covered stroopwafals…OMG!! Then we hopped on a tram to another I Amsterdam sign which was in front of the opera house. His mom and sister surprised me and took me to see the Dutch National Ballet. It was incredibly sweet and absolutely gorgeous. The show was called “Dutch Doubles” and 4 pieces were performed, all very different. My favorite was a classical dance with costumes designed by Viktor & Rolf. The tutus were square! 

Finally, we met up with the guys and walked around the Red Light District.  Crazy. The girls in the RLD were actually attractive. They are all in red lit rooms and if the curtain is closed it means they are workin hard for that $... 

On our way back to the train, we stopped at this place with this vending machine looking wall with hot food. We need those in the US!  I'm so happy to have had such great tour guides. I saw everything I wanted to see and more. 

This train station gives Grand Central a run for its money. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tulips & Windmills

On my second day in Holland, we got up early and drove in a vintage Porsche to the Keukenhof tulip gardens. All you see are fields of color. We went inside a windmill that overlooked the fields, tried on some massive clogs, and had fresh stroopwafals (my fav!) After I got some fun souvenirs, we drove around in search of more colorful flower fields. Perfect place. Perfect weather. Perfect day.