Monday, February 1, 2021

On Pointe

I am sitting here crying while watching On Pointe on Disney+. These young SAB dancers are so filled with joy for their artform and the possibility of a career in dance. I opened up a notebook to write a little bit and found a schedule in there that I made for all of the auditions I had one week in NYC. It feels like a different lifetime that I was living in classes and waking up early for auditions. I miss my parents coming to shows or making a vacay out of my summer intensives. I miss our industry. I miss when all we were concerned with was making it to the end without being cut. Now we can't even get in the door. I would do it all over again in a second. Even the disappointing parts like waiting for hours to be cut right away. At least our industry existed then. I wish I could go back even if only for a day. I would go to auditions and take my favorite class with all of my friends followed by some Juice Generation. 

I know I'm more "settled" now. Even before the pandemic, I made a decision to be less of a gypsy, but dance is still one of the most important things in my life. I didn't "used to be" a dancer. I AM a dancer. I don't feel like myself when I don't get to dance. If I never get to feel the way I feel when I perform again, I can only hope that someday I have a kid who loves to dance or something else they are passionate about so much that it changes their life in the best way and makes them feel most alive. It is my not so secret dream to have a theatre or ballet baby. The arts are beyond important. Dance and the lessons I have learned while pursuing it have given me so much. I would be lost without it. I know things change, life happens, pandemics happen, dreams evolve, etc. I just can't imagine not having the memories or friendships that I made while chasing my dreams. I will carry them in my heart forever and ever. This show brings it all back. 

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Hello Sunshine City.

Top: Shoreline Sugars

One of my favorite ways to explore a new place is by seeking out its art. I especially love murals. They always have so much character and give great inspo for ways to move and dance. We used to dance in front of them all over WPB back in our cruise ship days. These are behind Central Ave. I saw a bride and groom taking pics back there (although it's unfortunately surrounded by dumpsters) and knew it was worth a visit. I just love the sunshine mural since we are living in the Sunshine City in the Sunshine State! I am so thankful for my Instagram Fiancé. He always agrees to take pics. I just wish he would be in them! 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

We moved.

Surprise...We moved! Maybe it's not a surprise. It has been a long time coming. It was so much fun to visit Max as much as I could during his first year of law school. I was a hotel concierge then and had the best time researching cool local spots to check out.  Now that we are engaged, we decided it was time to live together : ) It has been a process. Combining 2 lifetimes worth of things and attempting compromise is not easy, especially for this only child. Let's just say, I have A LOT of stuff. We still have to hang art and mirrors, which my parents will come help with soon, but I've put some pics below. If you're wondering about the shrooms...My grandma had a mushroom cookie jar (shown below) which was given to me when she passed away. I found the entire set at a vintage store and it just started to get out of control from there. I have a Christmas tree filled with mushroom ornaments too. Everyone has their thing, right? 

The living room was a little awkward to figure out since Max has a huge desk, but we did our best. I have always loved city life and not having to drive everywhere. Now to find a job and friends in the middle of a global pandemic to keep myself busy while he is at school. I'm looking forward to establishing a routine and having so much fun with Maximilian. If you have any fun suggestions for things to do in the Tampa Bay area, let us know!