Wednesday, January 4, 2023

It's Baby Month.

What a crazy thing it is to go from dancing and performing consistently and making that your life to seeing your body totally change and having to take a break from what you know best. I am going to have so much to learn with having a baby despite reading the books, taking the classes, and watching all the videos. I already have a different outlook on life. I am going to move my body and dance when I am ready and feel so much more grateful for it since it is something I haven't been able to do much. I was just offered a spot in the ensemble for a musical next month with a company that I love. I obviously can't commit to performing that soon, but it was so nice to know I'm still on someone's radar and wanted for jobs. Seeing everyone post their gorgeous NYE gig pictures made me realize how much I miss it. I can't wait to get into performing shape. I am really looking forward to getting into rehearsals and back onstage. My short term focus will be on stamina and strength with walks and simple exercises (probably PT too) and working on my voice while singing to Baby E :) 

I can't believe it could be baby week already!! It's definitely baby month. She could totally arrive on my birthday or Friday, the 13th...who knows! My guess was January 5th, but that isn't going to happen. I have been doing everything I can to avoid induction. For some reason that I still can't understand, it was recommended that I have one at 39 weeks. I said no to that so the compromise is weekly nonstress tests. So far so good. I have been walking, bouncing on a ball, eating gross dates, drinking raspberry leaf tea, among other things lol Nothing has worked yet. I am no in a hurry since I definitely still don't feel ready, but I absolutely do not want Pitocin. Please put positive vibes and thoughts out there for me to be able to move around as much as possible and not be confined to a bed the whole time. As a dancer and someone who likes to move constantly, I would be upset not being given the option to. 

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