Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Very Metty Christmas/Life Update

Oops, I've been MIA for a looooong time. SO much has happened. I did another contract at Busch Gardens in Virginia. The dancing was great and we wore vampire teeth so I was living my Halloween dreams. I actually can't believe I survived all 110 shows/jump splits without a swing. We all felt pretty accomplished after that one. 

During my last week there, I received an offer to be the dance swing at The Metropolitan Opera in NYC for The Merry Widow. I seriously cried. I performed in the show at Lyric Opera of Chicago and it truly changed my dance life. I had just moved out of the city, but per usual the universe found a way to bring me back. I found housing and got ready to go right away. Rehearsals were fun and it was great to be back working with some friends and the amazing Susan Stroman. As a swing, I covered the tracks of 3 dancers. It was a fun experience to learn multiple parts and challenge my brain in that way. 

I was told many times that I would likely not get to perform as there were only 9 scheduled performances and people rarely call out. But lucky me, I was able to perform in our 5th show! It all happened so fast and I didn't get to really look out and take it all in. I had not even practiced in the shoes or costumes let alone been on the stage, but it was fun! I am beyond grateful to say that I have performed at The Met Opera. 

Up next, I am performing in the ensemble of Copacabana in Florida in March and tickets are already sold out. 

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