Monday, May 8, 2017

Let's Try This Again.

Hi! I'm back...I bet you're just as surprised as I am. A year ago, I would have told you that by now I would be settled in Florida. I would probably be teaching or doing something with my communications degree. What a difference a year makes. This past winter I started to feel like there was an expiration date on my career even though I finally felt at the top of my game. I just wasn't myself and knew that I wasn't living up to my greatest potential. This past February, I flew to NYC for a week to audition and got callbacks for everything. It was a sign that I still had it in me. By March 15th, I was on a plane to the life I had always imagined. It was sad leaving behind that beachy Florida lifestyle and the great friends that I made, but I felt free the second I landed at La Guardia. I am doing this crazy dance life full out this time. No excuses. 

I'm going on month 2 here in the city and have landed some really fun jobs doing theatre promo and event modeling. I was also given an incredible opportunity to train to become an instructor at one of the top barre studios in the world. I truly believe in the technique and cannot wait to be on the schedule as a teacher later in the summer. And after taking a few years off from auditioning for Rockettes to focus on building my resume, I returned to the audition. They said we will know around July if we will be high kicking this Christmas. I have never felt stronger and honestly think a lot of that has to do with supplementing my dance training with barre and fitness classes. 

Not so funny story... I was in the last group of three so after we danced they immediately started calling numbers of who they wanted to stay for the next round. I was still in my zone from having just performed and definitely missed them calling my number so I sadly left the room, took my number off and started to pack my things to leave. A few of my friends were sure they heard my number and insisted I ask someone at Radio City to double check. I am so glad that I did, because they definitely did call my number! Such a scary moment, but funny in retrospect. I asked the Radio City employee who asked for me if I could hug her lol She made my day. Fingers crossed I can finally make my biggest dream a reality this year.