Monday, January 14, 2019

BGW Seasons 5 & 6

I just finished another 4 month contract in the land of roller coasters and ponies. Time spent with some of my best friends and performing was exactly what I needed. A strange year ended on a positive note. During Howl-o-scream, we performed in 6 shows a day and only on weekends. I was the dance captain for this season which was a great learning experience for me. 

With Christmastown, we had a marathon of up to 5 shows per day every day and we were extended through January 5th. Performing a Christmas show after Christmas felt a little strange, but there were so many appreciative guests at the park and it was a joy to be a part of their holiday while doing what I love. I have been dancing with some of my friends there since 2014 and it was really really hard to say goodbye to them this time. I know our paths will cross again, but having best friends all over is a blessing and a curse. I miss them so much already! 

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