Friday, March 26, 2021

My La Duca-versarry. 15 Years.

15 years ago this year, Mr. La Duca fitted me for my very first pairs. I needed character heels and taps for my first Rockette Summer Intensive and wanted the real deal (what the Rockettes wear). Up until that point, I had only practiced in some good old fashioned jazz shoes. La Duca rolled out the carpet and made me feel like a STAR. La Duca shoes have been worn in movies, musicals, tours, and more. I couldn't wait to start practicing in them. This moment truly kicked off my career. I started to feel like anything was possible in this crazy dance world.

For 15 years, they have helped me to feel my very best both onstage and off. They are made in Italy and last a long time. I have had contracts where the shoes kept breaking and they finally invested in some La Ducs for us. They feel even better as they are broken in. Who doesn't love when their dance shoe is molded to their foot and has that fierce point? Not to mention, they make your feet and legs look SEXY. 

La Duca has been there for me from summer intensives to auditions and performances. I have booked dream jobs in these shoes. What you wear on your feet can make or break your performance and even career. I feel safe, supported, and confident in my La Ducas. I think my favorite pair so far were the red can-can boots for Merry Widow. Below you will find some of the highlights of my dance life while wearing my La Ducas. My dream is to continue performing in them and to one day own a custom pair.

Many years ago at the La Duca store.

During one of my 8 years at RSI, we got to perform on the Radio City Stage!

Made it to the end of the Rox audition this day. 

My basement practice space growing up.

Cruise life. Standing still on a moving ship is harder than dancing on one!

Waiting to rehearse at Lyric Opera.

I loved this costume for Merry Widow at Lyric Opera.

Backstage before my favorite number in Merry Widow.

With my fellow can-can ladies.

A fun contract at Busch Gardens with friends.

Pre-rehearsal selfie at The Met Opera. Still breaking my shoes in.

Performing with Tryon Entertainment in The Bahamas.


Being a showgirl at Theatrezone Naples.

Luminaire Foto

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