Monday, July 17, 2017

What I'm Reading

Check out the latest issue of Boro Mag  to see what Astoria is reading this sum. Bet you can tell by the pictures which one I'm working on. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Chaise-ing Our Dreams: City Fun With Healthy Bunhead

My friend Jordan, Healthy Bunhead, invited me to her friend Anna's test out class at Chaise Fitness. It was a good combo of pilates, dance, and strength training. Chaise was started  by a former NYCB dancer and her former competitive figure skater mother. The studio was in the building I used to live in during college and I hadn't been back in that area since I graduated. During class we used this adjustable chair, overhead bungees, and a ball. It didn't seem as if we were doing anything too crazy, but my arms and abs were shaking. I really liked that it felt like I was getting a good workout and sweating but at the same time we didn't hold anything too too long. I can't wait to feel my obliques tomorrow. That's a muscle I've always wanted to work on and surely if I kept this up I would have Victoria's Secret abs. I was a little sweaty in that post-workout pic, but that's how you know it was a good workout. 

After class, we walked the UES and got some fruity goodness from Juice Gen. Jordan is a friend I need to hang out with way more. The girl loves to take class, discuss dancer things, and is always up for a spontaneous photo shoot. Today was a good day. 

Friday, July 7, 2017

And Sparks Will Fly In The Summer Air...

If you know me at all, you know that I am completely obsessed with 3eb. This year they toured to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their self-titled album. They played every song from that album in addition to a few other favorites. Apparently it's the last time they will be playing that entire album at a show. I've met and hung out with the band twice before thanks to social media, but this will forever be my best concert memory. Prior to the show we got to watch their sound check, received autographed Third Eye Blind albums, and took pics with my two favs, Stephen Jenkins and Brad Hargreaves. Later on, after watching Silversun Pickups (awesome as well), we were taken backstage to an area at the side of the stage to watch from behind the scenes with our own couch and drinks. We even got to use and keep some badass Wearhaus bluetooth headphones.  

3eb has and always will be the soundtrack to my life. To see them perform from that viewpoint to a crowd full of other adoring fans screaming all of the lyrics was unbeatable. Stephen even gave us a little wave from onstage. We got invited to the after party which was different than the bonfire I had with them in Cleveland 2 years ago where he taught me Kung Fu and talked about the Rockette audition with me, but still cool. There were so many people, but Stephen came over and sat with me and asked our opinion of the show. Can't wait for the next tour, but I don't think anything could top this one. 

Two Piece: Urban Outfitters | Sneaks: Converse  

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

RSI #8

Last week, I participated in my 8th Rockette Summer Intensive. I guess it was technically my 7th, because I was an assistant at one in the past. It was a physically and mentally demanding week, but it was probably the most rewarding. A lot of my friends were there which made it even more fun since we worked toward our goals together. While I was not one of the lucky ladies to be hired onstage, I felt like I had a great performance and will continue to work toward my dream. I even started tearing up onstage, because I have never felt closer to making it a reality. My mom was in town for the showcase so I got to stay in a hotel with her.  When we got to the hotel room, my boyfriend had sent my dream roses that can last an entire year! 

After my showcase performance, my mom and I went to see my friend in War Paint. I LOVED it. She was a total star and those costumes are to die for. We were able to go onstage and take pics after and we got to say hi to Christine Ebersole. I left the theatre feeling inspired and definitely recommend the show. 

During my mom's time in the city we went to One World Trade Center. I thought The Empire State Building was amazing, but this was incredible. We had a little wine as we took in the best view ever. Then I made everyone go to Black Tap for those insta-worthy shakes. I believe we had the Sweet N' Salty (a peanut butter lovers dream). The food was way too good as well and I love the atmosphere. 

On her last day in town, we had brunch at The Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. It has the sickest view and yummy food. I can't really have dairy so I just sample stuff the people I'm with order. That mac n' cheese...if I could I would eat ALL OF IT. We walked it all off as we explored the absolutely perfect Conservatory Garden.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KCD Audition.

I decided to audition for the Knicks City Dancers this past week. I have never been to an NBA audition and didn't attend the clinics beforehand so I had no idea what to expect. I used to dance for arena football so I put on my cute lil two piece I wore for that audition, made myself glam, and went for it. I got in line at 9am and was there until 6pm. We started the day with improv in small groups. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I know it involved a walkover, jump split, and so so many kicks (obvi). A cut was made. Next, we did a combo across the floor in heels. A cut was made and they took our pictures. Then came a long routine that was taught very quickly. We performed this twice in small groups and yet another cut was made. Finally, we learned another VERY fast combo and a final cut was made for the day. I was relieved to make it to callbacks after all that hard work. 

The next day, the current KCD performed for us and Bobby Newberry taught an awesome combo with a ton of hairography. My neck is seriously still sore days later. We performed in small groups, some of us multiple times. I think they knew exactly what they were looking for this year and I heard a rumor there was only 1 open spot. They put new girls next to current team members and kept changing it up throughout the night. I felt good about my performances, but nevertheless, I didn't make it to day 3. It was definitely a big change from the theatre and Rockette auditions I attend. I had a blast learning their choreo and getting a free workout though. I definitely want to go back next year and take all of the prep classes so they can know me before. Best of luck to everyone at the final callback tonight!



It's been a little bit of a joke forever that I never go to Brooklyn. One of my best friends from college used to try to get me there all the time, but it never happened. I honestly don't know why. Anyway, last weekend I caved and explored Brooklyn. We walked Brooklyn Bridge Park, rode the carousel, went to the little history museum, shopped the cute boutiques, and had dinner. Dumbo is the perfect place to take dance pics too with that gorg bridge view. At the end of the night, we went to Brooklyn Bowl. I loooooove bowling and they had live music too. I can't wait to go back

Monday, May 8, 2017

Let's Try This Again.

Hi! I'm back...I bet you're just as surprised as I am. A year ago, I would have told you that by now I would be settled in Florida. I would probably be teaching or doing something with my communications degree. What a difference a year makes. This past winter I started to feel like there was an expiration date on my career even though I finally felt at the top of my game. I just wasn't myself and knew that I wasn't living up to my greatest potential. This past February, I flew to NYC for a week to audition and got callbacks for everything. It was a sign that I still had it in me. By March 15th, I was on a plane to the life I had always imagined. It was sad leaving behind that beachy Florida lifestyle and the great friends that I made, but I felt free the second I landed at La Guardia. I am doing this crazy dance life full out this time. No excuses. 

I'm going on month 2 here in the city and have landed some really fun jobs doing theatre promo and event modeling. I was also given an incredible opportunity to train to become an instructor at one of the top barre studios in the world. I truly believe in the technique and cannot wait to be on the schedule as a teacher later in the summer. And after taking a few years off from auditioning for Rockettes to focus on building my resume, I returned to the audition. They said we will know around July if we will be high kicking this Christmas. I have never felt stronger and honestly think a lot of that has to do with supplementing my dance training with barre and fitness classes. 

Not so funny story... I was in the last group of three so after we danced they immediately started calling numbers of who they wanted to stay for the next round. I was still in my zone from having just performed and definitely missed them calling my number so I sadly left the room, took my number off and started to pack my things to leave. A few of my friends were sure they heard my number and insisted I ask someone at Radio City to double check. I am so glad that I did, because they definitely did call my number! Such a scary moment, but funny in retrospect. I asked the Radio City employee who asked for me if I could hug her lol She made my day. Fingers crossed I can finally make my biggest dream a reality this year.