Friday, September 4, 2015

A Purpose.

Lately I’ve felt like I’m waiting for my life to happen again. I am working hard everyday to make money and get in the best shape possible for my upcoming job, but I’m really just ready to dive into rehearsals. I love the rehearsal process and working with a company toward something incredible. So many things have changed in my life over the last year and I hope they continue to evolve in a direction that allows me to feel I have a purpose and to be in love with the life I create for myself. 

I can't believe how quickly 25 years have flown by and how soon 26 will be here. I feel like I've already lived several different lives in one lifetime. I hope to continue with my adventures and passions, but cannot wait to have a home base (other than my hometown) in the near future. I always need to be working toward a goal so in order to remain focused, I've compiled a list of 25 things I plan to accomplish. 

1. Work with Susan Stroman and perform in another major city. 
2. Spend more time with Justin.
3. Take a jazz class in Chi town. 
4. Buy a car. 
5. Get a place of my own. 
6. Make fun friends and more of an effort to maintain my friendships. 
7. Improve my balance. Especially whilst doing dance and yoga on a paddleboard!
8. Audition to be a Rockette...again...
9. Travel to a new place. 
10. Sing at another audition.  (Theatrezone Naples).
11. Eat less sugar. 
12. Read 5 new books.  
13. Go back to NYC and do all of my favorite things. 
14. Learn to play a song on my guitar...after I learn how to tune it. 
15. Save a lot of $.
16. Surf. 
17. Ride a horse. 
18. Come up with some go-to recipes. 
19. Inspire someone to pursue their dream.  
20. Have a themed party. 
21. Teach more dance. 
22. Eventually find a job that makes me as happy as dancing. 
23. Learn how to do my makeup so I don't always look like a cat or as if I'm about to perform. 
24. Volunteer with Alz Assoc. or another organization that means a lot to me. 
25. Donate most of my wardrobe and start over.