Sunday, April 27, 2014


One day we got up early and caught the train to Amsterdam. We took a boat on the canal to the Rijksmuseum, passing pretty bridges, homes and boats along the way. The museum contains a famous Rembrandt painting call “Night Watch,” which can also be found in statue form at a nearby square. 

Spring in Holland is perfection.

A highlight was taking pictures on the I Amsterdam sign with the museum in the background. 

We found a little shop and had the best fries ever (covered in mayo). We also went to this sandwich place where I tried these fried ball things stuffed with what tastes like mashed potatoes. 

No coffee here!
There were “coffee shops” everywhere advertising magic mushrooms and other things that are very illegal in the US.

Everyone in this city rides a bike. We even saw a biker get hit by a car! I would be terrified to drive or bike here. 

I bought the slippers!

Next up was a carnival in front of the palace. We rode the ferris wheel which had amazing views of the entire city. We also tried chocolate covered stroopwafals…OMG!! Then we hopped on a tram to another I Amsterdam sign which was in front of the opera house. His mom and sister surprised me and took me to see the Dutch National Ballet. It was incredibly sweet and absolutely gorgeous. The show was called “Dutch Doubles” and 4 pieces were performed, all very different. My favorite was a classical dance with costumes designed by Viktor & Rolf. The tutus were square! 

Finally, we met up with the guys and walked around the Red Light District.  Crazy. The girls in the RLD were actually attractive. They are all in red lit rooms and if the curtain is closed it means they are workin hard for that $... 

On our way back to the train, we stopped at this place with this vending machine looking wall with hot food. We need those in the US!  I'm so happy to have had such great tour guides. I saw everything I wanted to see and more. 

This train station gives Grand Central a run for its money. 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tulips & Windmills

On my second day in Holland, we got up early and drove in a vintage Porsche to the Keukenhof tulip gardens. All you see are fields of color. We went inside a windmill that overlooked the fields, tried on some massive clogs, and had fresh stroopwafals (my fav!) After I got some fun souvenirs, we drove around in search of more colorful flower fields. Perfect place. Perfect weather. Perfect day. 

Friday, April 25, 2014


Two weeks ago, I booked a plane ticket and flew to the land of tulips and windmills with my boyfriend. When we got to the airport in Amsterdam, the guys at customs asked where I was going and I said “Amersfoort” with the worst Lake Erie accent. Maybe I should attempt to learn Dutch other than from a funny cd in the car? His family lives on a boat and also have a hotel boat on this pretty little canal in an adorable city. It kind of reminds me of Quebec. When I met his family, I felt like I already had. They are so sweet and welcoming. His dad made us breakfast and then we got settled into our own area of the boat. It was like our own apartment, but I’ve lived on a ship and not a boat so it took some getting used to. 

He gave me a tour of the city and along the way he showed me the coolest chandelier that he helped put up under one of the bridges next to this giant castle-like wall I saw on Pinterest. There are beautiful homes with gardens along the water and tons of shopping. 

For dinner, his siblings came over for incredible Indonesian food that his mom was in the kitchen all day making. I think that eating in Europe is different than the US. I grew up snacking all day and eating larger portions. I don’t think they really snack there and then they actually enjoy what they’re eating at times when you’re actually supposed to eat. Maybe that is why everyone is skinny and pretty there.