Wednesday, June 21, 2017

KCD Audition.

I decided to audition for the Knicks City Dancers this past week. I have never been to an NBA audition and didn't attend the clinics beforehand so I had no idea what to expect. I used to dance for arena football so I put on my cute lil two piece I wore for that audition, made myself glam, and went for it. I got in line at 9am and was there until 6pm. We started the day with improv in small groups. I can't remember exactly what I did, but I know it involved a walkover, jump split, and so so many kicks (obvi). A cut was made. Next, we did a combo across the floor in heels. A cut was made and they took our pictures. Then came a long routine that was taught very quickly. We performed this twice in small groups and yet another cut was made. Finally, we learned another VERY fast combo and a final cut was made for the day. I was relieved to make it to callbacks after all that hard work. 

The next day, the current KCD performed for us and Bobby Newberry taught an awesome combo with a ton of hairography. My neck is seriously still sore days later. We performed in small groups, some of us multiple times. I think they knew exactly what they were looking for this year and I heard a rumor there was only 1 open spot. They put new girls next to current team members and kept changing it up throughout the night. I felt good about my performances, but nevertheless, I didn't make it to day 3. It was definitely a big change from the theatre and Rockette auditions I attend. I had a blast learning their choreo and getting a free workout though. I definitely want to go back next year and take all of the prep classes so they can know me before. Best of luck to everyone at the final callback tonight!


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