Thursday, March 7, 2019

Williams(barre)g Workout

I have taken barre classes for years as a way of cross training for dance. Eventually, I decided to train to teach barre a few years ago in NYC. Barre in the city ended up not being for me, but we used to practice for hours at a time and do exercises so many times that the burn you're supposed to feel would just disappear and I became so numb to it haha. Well...if you stop for even a week, it becomes hard again. While visiting The Burg for a few weeks, I decided to get an intro package at a studio I hadn't been to yet (idk why! I've only been dancing in the area for years...), Pure Barre Williamsburg. For an entire month, I challenged myself to take as many classes as possible. My goal was 15. 

The community at Pure Barre Williamsburg, VA is so strong. I've never been to a friendlier location. Everyone is so welcoming and wants you to do well and have fun from the teachers to the clients. It is a dedicated group! You see the same faces every day and it's awesome to work together toward a common goal. I made a new friend at my second class and that gave me the motivation to go back almost daily. There was one day that we both didn't want to go, but had told each other we would and hadn't exchanged numbers at that point. We both stuck with our commitment and were so glad after. It's nice to have someone to hold you accountable. I've been to some studios where no one wants to talk to you or get to know your name and that was not the experience I had here. Love it!

My personal fitness goal is to get more of a booty. I definitely think barre is great for your shape. Everything is so much more toned and lifted. I'm going to have to start lifting legit weights eventually if I want an actual butt, but this was a great start. It teaches you to push beyond what you think your limits are, but it doesn't give you fear that you will hurt yourself. It's all about proper alignment and modifying to make sure you're doing what is best for you. They are good about giving both physical and verbal corrections. I seriously enjoyed the classes of every teacher I went to at this studio and ended up beating my goal with 19 classes. 

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